Roman Empire WebQuest

Today, you are going to explore the emperors of Rome using the PBS Roman Empire website. On this site you will have the opportunity to find out which emperor you most resemble, as well as get the chance to be emperor for 10 minutes. Good Luck!

Step 1:
Go to the following address

Once there, read about the Roman Empire and answer the following questions.

  • 1. How many people lived and died under the control of Rome during the first century?

  • 2. Who was at the top of Rome’s social order?

Step 2:
Click on the word Emperors under Where to Next at the bottom of the page.
Read about the emperors of Rome and answer the following question.

  • 1. How were emperors chosen?

Step 3:
Click on the Quiz: Who Are You? link on the right hand side of the screen.
Complete the quiz to determine which emperor you are most like.

  • 1. Which emperor are you?

Step 4:
Click on the Find Out More link to answer the following questions about your emperor.

  • 1.What years did your emperor reign(rule)?

  • 2.How did he become emperor?

  • 3.Name one thing he did to help the Roman Empire.

Now that you have read about one emperor, you are ready to take on the job. Let’s see how you would do if you had been an emperor of Rome.

Step 5:
Click on The Emperor Game on the right side of your screen.
Read the directions and begin playing the game.
Record yours and your partner's results below.

  • 1.What emperor did you choose to be?

  • 2.How did you rate as an emperor?

Step 6:
Now that you have explored the emperors of Rome, you are free to explore the rest of PBS site. Please remember to stay on this site!