After completing the Sparta and Athens Values readings and chart, choose whether to depict either Athens or Sparta.

Create a full-page visual depiction of a citizen of your polis. Consider:

o What did they wear or look like?

o What items might they be holding, wearing or using that could depict their values?

o What might be in the background or around the citizen that depicts the polis’ values?

Insert captionsaround your drawing that describe the various items and characteristics you have included in your image.

o Include a quote from the values sheet OR paraphrase from the reading

o Describe how the image and the quotes display the values of the polis

o You may also use your textbook, but should not quote directly


Full-page and color drawing - please do not leave lots of empty space!

At least six caption boxes with quotes, paraphrases and descriptions of values

Clear demonstration of your understanding of the values of the polis and its culture

Neat, colored and legible reading and captions